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Here's how it works:

1. Discussion

Upon agreement, we will have an initial discussion regarding what is needed, over-all expectations, and general style of the book. This will also determine the age group, gender (if applicable), and size.

2. Payment

A percentage of the payment is to be sent (details below), before I begin the design process.

3. Design

After our discussion, and payment, please send me the story via email to abzhakim@gmail.com, along with your notes, if needed. I will then research and provide you with the initial storyboard sketches and ideas, page by page.


These sketches will give you and I the first sneak peek at the general, rough visuals for the story. This will also determine lighting, layout, and text placement. You will have the a chance to offer feedback and any edits if needed.


After you approve of all of the sketches for the entire book, I will go on and start the final coloured versions.

Once completed, I will provide you with the final coloured pages. This will include (front, back, inside/ dedication pages).

4. Edit 

Each page will have one free edit during the sketching stages. Once used, and in case more edits are needed, each change will be charged $20. These are minor changes, such as change of expressions, hair shape, sizing of elements, an addition or removal of objects, etc.


If changes are requested after the colouring has begun, each change will be charged $40.


5. Delivery

The sketches of the entire book will be sent to you within 10 business days. Once we enter the final colouring stage, depending on the approval or request for edits, the submission of each final coloured page will usually take around 2-3 days to be completed and sent to you. Upon completion of the entire book, final and ready-to-use files will be sent to you via email.


6. Pricing, & Style

The pricing varies from one style to the next due to the amount of work, details, and complexity.

However, they are all priced per one separate page. (One full open spread has 2 pages.)

Lines & Textures  $150 CAD

Vector  $200 CAD 

Painted $300 CAD

*Additional prices may be applicable if the number of characters are increased, and/or for very complex pages.

Prices will be discussed upon receiving the book from you and before agreement of the project.


Please check below for references on these 3 styles. Also, please check out the Kids Books section for more style references.

lines & textures






7. Payment

Please send the full payment in USD to abzhakim@gmail.com via PayPal.

Wuhoo! All done.

Please contact me here to further discuss details.

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