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Let's get you a logo!

View Abz Hakim's Logo Portfolio Here

1. Design 

Upon agreement, we will have an initial discussion regarding what is needed, over-all expectations, and the general style of the logo. I will then send you the designs and await your feedback on which direction you would like to go with along with any edits and comments you may have.


Once you’ve made a selection from the options provided I will do the second round of edits and deliver the final coloured options shortly after.


2. Edit

All packages (details below) contain at least 2 free edits. If you have used up all your edits and would like to make more, you can still easily request them for $10 CAD each.


3. Delivery

The first set of logos will be sent to you within 2-3 days after our initial agreement. The submission of the rest of the project will vary depending on the package deal requested, usually not more than 3-5 days.


After you’ve selected the final logo, a ready-to-use Adobe Illustrator file will be sent to you via email.


4. Payment

Upon agreement, the full payment is to be sent via PayPal to unless otherwise agreed upon.

Logo Package Deals




2 Black & White Logos Ideas

2 Colour Option for the final pick

2 FREE edits

$200 CAD





4 Black & White Logos Ideas

3  Colour Options for the final pick

2 Coloured Background Options

Company Identity (Font & Colour Scheme)

3 FREE edits




6 Black & White Logos Ideas

4 Colour Options for the final pick

1 Transparent Watermark Logo

4 Coloured Background Options

Final Logo in Both Black & White

Company Identity (Font & Colour Scheme)

1 Business Card Design

4 FREE edits


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