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Hello there, Good lookin'!

1. choose

Please choose one of the two options:




Face & Body


2. smile

A clear HD, close up picture of

yourself will be required.

3. payment

Payment to be made in USD via PayPal.

Message for more details.

4. FAQ

1) What is the size?

The illustrations are typically  21.5" X 16". Each illustration is done in HD quality, is completely printable, and is digitally signed.   If you would like a custom size, please let me know before we begin.

2) Do you send them by mail?

These portraits are sent via email as they are designed in Photoshop, so there is no physical print. However, the file is set up and ready for print if you choose to print your portrait.

3) Do you do pets, if so how much?

Yes, all pets and animals are doable! The price depends on the animal.

4) Do you do couples, kids, and multiple people?

Couples, kids, and multiple people are doable. They are priced per head.

5) How long does it take?

Generally, they are sent within 24-48 hours upon receiving the payment.

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