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All About the Artist

Abz Hakim is a Jordanian-Canadian freelance illustrator graphic designer, working with clients scattered across the globe. From logos to character designs and playful illustrations, Abz is known for turning imaginative ideas into visually captivating and whimsical creations specializing mainly in kid's book illustrations.

Education and Company Positions

A distinguished graduate of Humber College in Toronto, Canada, Abz has transitioned through roles as a Head Illustrator, Creative Lead, and Art Director across various esteemed companies worldwide while educating and managing a group of junior designers.




Abz currently works digitally as a freelancer with clients based in London, Switzerland, Dubai, and other corners of the world.


Clients trust Abz for a unique blend of artistic expressions, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to creative excellence.


Abz has personally been hired to create designs for Queen Rania of Jordan, Princess Noor bint Asem of Jordan, along with being featured on, The Food, and had printed designs created for Unicef and featured on MTV.

Abz has also done design work for Virgin Megastore, Sesame Street, Colgate, Microsoft, Mercedes, Lego, Royal Jordanian Airlines, LG, Orange, Bank of Jordan, and many others.


Abz is a published author and illustrator, having worked on more than 45 children's books internationally. Through these creations, Abz seeks to educate, inspire, and nurture the creativity of kids worldwide and encourage them to find and express themselves through art.

Abz has been featured in newspapers such as  "Toronto Standard" in Canada and "Al Ra'i" in Jordan. He has also been published in magazines, city guides, and blogs, and has been featured in various books as a featured artist.


Beyond the pencils and crayons, you'll find Abz passionately experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, exploring city streets on his bike, and backpacking across the globe; stopping to pet every cat he sees.

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