"Better yourself in all ways imaginable,

for only in yourself will you only truly find

what it is that you so desperately seek."

-Abz Hakim 

A short biography





















 Abz Hakim is a 34-year-old self-employed Jordanian-Canadian artist. Born in Amman- Jordan.

He is the 3rd of 4 boys.      



Since childhood, Abz had always shown great interest in art. Being recognized at school for his creativity, he was selected to be on a local TV show representing the arts at his elementary school at the age of 12.


Some of his later accomplishments in high school were the painting of a colourful mural in the schools' hallway, creating on his own his high schools'  first student body magazine, and co-designing the senior high school yearbook.


Abz went on to study 3D Multimedia Animation in one of the leading art schools in the  country, Humber College, in Toronto, Canada. He also did an additional intense one year Design Foundation program to sharpen all his design skills.


After graduation in 2007, Abz moved back to Amman to be with his family, and had worked as a Jr. Designer & Illustrator for the creative department in one of  the largest global marketing networks in the world: Wunderman. Here, Abz learned how to work in the real-world, and deal with clients.  Along with communicative skills, Abz's technical skills also highly increased and became industry standard.


In 2009 Abz worked on a storyboard commercial focusing on women's rights in the Middle East. It was sponsored by the Queen of Jordan herself, her majesty Queen Rania. In the summer of 2009, Abz was published in several local newspapers for his work with Unicef. 


Later that year Abz decided to moved to Toronto, after applying for a gaming company called  Big Viking Games. He got the position as an Art Director, and worked on a highly successful social media game called Fish World.


In 2011 Abz's art was featured on Oprah.com, and TheFoodNetwork.com for his illustrated recipes. Later that year, Abz was published in They Draw & Cook, a collection of illustrated recipes done by various global artists. 


In the following years, Abz worked for Good World Games, and Kiddology as an Art Director working with team-mates in various departments. He also closely managed a team of Jr. designers designing e-books, apps, and online games.


After a few years in the industry, Abz decided to head back to Jordan and explore his options as a much more experienced graphic artist & illustrator. Abz got the position of an Art Director and Creative Senior Illustrator for Memac Ogilvy; A leading world-wide creative advertising agency. There, he worked on projects for international clients such as Virgin Mega Store, Mercedes-Benz, and LG.


The list of clients Abz has worked for continued to grow through-out the years. They include  Amman Academy School, UNICEF, Colgate, Lego, Sesame Street, Mondelez, Microsoft, and Toronto Standard newspaper amongst various others. Check them out here.

In 2014, Abz’s illustrations for LG Electronics were featured on MTV Lebanon, and went viral on social media, along with being posted on Adsoftheworld.com.

Abz has designed 4 games that launched on Facebook, and has designed 4 e-books to date. Also, he illustrated 15 kids books, varying from local authors, to international publishing companies. On his own time, he has also continued working on branding many companies, designing their logos, apps, and printed materials.

In March 2015 Abz has quit his 9-5 lifestyle, and traveld the world with his laptop, designing and illustrating from one city to the next.


Abz currently works as the Creative Lead for Abwaab.com, an online educational platform.