We were not made to last, down separate paths we were destined to go. 

A choice forced to take, burning candles flickering low. 

There’s much more to this story than we’ll ever come to know. 

Our light was truly magical but stolen with a blow. 


Your confused heart beats: forever in my hopeless dreams. 

I long for you still. My distance is never what it seems. 


Memories on fire and distance continues to grow. 

Limitless acts of devotion, I’d never hesitate to show. 


To survive we had to surrender, we had no choice but to accept. 

Our love parted oceans, one another we never did reject. 


But the story of two couldn’t escape this promised end. 

Parted and distant, the betrayal of painful pretend. 


Winter snow falls and tears run down my face  

Will time be kind, or each other will we replace?


Filling voids with your lust, is that how you’ll subsist?

These, and other intoxicating poisons, surely you must resist.


It’s none but your reflection that you are miserably shunning.

Others you seduce, but my name you’re still humming 


Lines etching deeper, for older we are becoming. 

I wonder if you recall, or from our past you’re still running. 

To feel again that enchantment, it’s all I’ve been wishing. 

Twinkles in your eyes, for me they were glistening. 


My bliss has abandoned me, and alone now I lay. 

My heart is forever bleeding, in search of an escape. 


Bury me in grief for the life that I had led. 

Detaching from you is what put me to rest. 


Cherished moments: captured inside my chest. 

By the will of God, with this burden, I am surely put to test. 

Who do you now lay with, as you rest upon your bed?

I imagine you recall, all that we one day had said. 


Are you happier now with the life that you have led?

The hopes of us together, I never wanted to shed. 


Look at how far we’ve come, is this finally how it ends?

Miserable consequences, you were always fated to pretend.  


Go on, let go, but rest assured it’s all self deceiving. 

Your true colours and joy; eternally you’re concealing 


If this parting is final and I can never truly be yours,

Then I pray, that on this drug, this door must forever close. 


No longer do you hear me, but the noise of a temporary fix. 

Long gone are dreams of glory, and a fire for us that flicks. 


I long for my prayers to be heard by the Almighty: The Great. 

I wonder, travel and dream as for miracles I continue to wait. 


Go on and go still, for my heart has learned to cope. 

I’ll forever be fighting as I climb this battlefield slope. 


Id throw you a hand, and send down to you my rope.

But with it you’ll torture, abuse and further choke.


The end served lessons I’ve earned in exchange of dreams.

The truth, my darling, is that nothing is as it seems. 


Say you don’t love me and part of me will never believe.

But perhaps this love in particular can never be resurrected  nor retrieved.


Goodbye my love, for part of me like us had died,

Appreciate my honesty, unlike you, to myself and each other, I’ve never lied.

I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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