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We were not made to last, down separate paths we were destined to go. 

A choice forced to take, burning candles flickering low. 

There’s much more to this story than we’ll ever come to know. 

Our light was truly magical but stolen with a blow. 


Your confused heart beats: forever in my hopeless dreams. 

I long for you still. My distance is never what it seems. 


Memories on fire and distance continues to grow. 

Limitless acts of devotion, I’d never hesitate to show. 


To survive we had to surrender, we had no choice but to accept. 

Our love parted oceans, one another we never did reject. 


But the story of two couldn’t escape this promised end. 

Parted and distant, the betrayal of painful pretend. 


Winter snow falls and tears run down my face  

Will time be kind, or each other will we replace?


Filling voids with your lust, is that how you’ll subsist?

These, and other intoxicating poisons, surely you must resist.


It’s none but your reflection that you are miserably shunning.

Others you seduce, but my name you’re still humming 


Lines etching deeper, for older we are becoming. 

I wonder if you recall, or from our past you’re still running. 

To feel again that enchantment, it’s all I’ve been wishing. 

Twinkles in your eyes, for me they were glistening. 


My bliss has abandoned me, and alone now I lay. 

My heart is forever bleeding, in search of an escape. 


Bury me in grief for the life that I had led. 

Detaching from you is what put me to rest. 


Cherished moments: captured inside my chest. 

By the will of God, with this burden, I am surely put to test. 

Who do you now lay with, as you rest upon your bed?

I imagine you recall, all that we one day had said. 


Are you happier now with the life that you have led?

The hopes of us together, I never wanted to shed. 


Look at how far we’ve come, is this finally how it ends?

Miserable consequences, you were always fated to pretend.  


Go on, let go, but rest assured it’s all self deceiving. 

Your true colours and joy; eternally you’re concealing 


If this parting is final and I can never truly be yours,

Then I pray, that on this drug, this door must forever close. 


No longer do you hear me, but the noise of a temporary fix. 

Long gone are dreams of glory, and a fire for us that flicks. 


I long for my prayers to be heard by the Almighty: The Great. 

I wonder, travel and dream as for miracles I continue to wait. 


Go on and go still, for my heart has learned to cope. 

I’ll forever be fighting as I climb this battlefield slope. 


Id throw you a hand, and send down to you my rope.

But with it you’ll torture, abuse and further choke.


The end served lessons I’ve earned in exchange of dreams.

The truth, my darling, is that nothing is as it seems. 


Say you don’t love me and part of me will never believe.

But perhaps this love in particular can never be resurrected  nor retrieved.


Goodbye my love, for part of me like us had died,

Appreciate my honesty, unlike you, to myself and each other, I’ve never lied.


My, look at just how far stretched we’ve become. Observing these tables and how unpredictably they’ve spun. 

Profound changes have already begun. 
Words to empower, truth to be sung.

Beautiful new faces wander beside me.
Time keeps ticking, past us it’s sliding. 

Of my future I dream; luminous and blinding. 
Brand new euphoria, surely what I’ll be finding. It’s where I belong, no longer will I be hiding.

Recalling back at where I used to be: lost and broken, I was in so deep. 

Smiling through tears I was pretending vigorously. That struggles were not draining me strenuously.

I knew I would survive if I trusted Him patiently. It’s all I prayed for, openly and secretly.

Do you not see how we are constantly being tested? Only in the Glorious will we ever find rest in. Solace is mine; I won’t longer suppress it.

I’ve left doubts behind, and now believe in the power within. Persist long enough and you too shall certainly win.

Smile, let go and raise high that chin. 
You will reach heights you’ve never before been.

Have faith in the unseen, let justice pave the way. On your incredible throne, you’ll surely rest one day. 


You will not ever be forgotten, triumphant you will stay. The past is gone, come what may.

Your dreams await the very best of you to adore. Limitless treasures left for you in store. 


Go on and travel, continue to explore.
Fly as high as you crave, or lay calm by the shore.


Miraculous things await and believe me there’s more. All that weighs you down, be sure to deplore.

Your unimaginable story is slowly being written. Expect greatness and remain well-driven. 

Gems for you are to be revealed; no longer will they be hidden. Majestic horses of glory, all yours to be ridden. 

Eternal generosity, plenty more yet to be given. Nothing else for you will ever be forbidden.


Memories of us, forever sealed in time.

In you, all that is lost I somehow came to find.


A treasure in my heart and forever on my mind, as I sit beneath stars that for us continue to shine.


Recollections never left, but always here to remind. I imagined that I was yours, and that somehow, you too were forever mine.



The battles, the hardships and the losses you've endured;

Soon you'll break free, and from this poison, you'll be cured.

They have all shaped you and served their everlasting purpose. 

Prayers have been heard and will soon come to surface.

Good things are coming, and miracles are near.

Hold on to patience, this storm will break clear.


Your persistence will be rewarded, and your freedom is on its way.

Be prepared for triumph, and the warmth of a brighter day.

Believe me, it’s coming. Believe it, and it’s yours.

You have survived all odds, battlegrounds and wars.

The unfolding begins the moment you surrender.

To your ultimate destiny, you'll go with love as your center.

We are limitless, one with each other. 

Complete as we are; sisters and brothers.



Surrender to the plot of the Majestic, the Wisdom behind the script of your life.

Submit to the Light that frees your deluded mind from the dark and complex anxieties that poison your ease: psychological impurities. 

Let go and be free, you are meant for remarkable things.

Accept what you cannot change. Let go and let the will of the Glorious guide you.

Foresee yourself conquering the mountains of your fears; standing tall at your hard-earned success. Expect good things to happen. Good things will happen. 

Envelope yourself in the White Light that you are to return to, and enjoy the fruits of its everlasting joy.

Let go of what no longer serves nor enriches you, for much of that has deluded your clarity.


You are the master of your mind, the consciousness behind all emotional intoxicants, the brave warrior surviving every life-changing war.

You are beautifully courageous; learn to love and honour yourself. You are far more radiant and much stronger than you have ever led yourself to believe. You are most certainly worthy of love.

Inside you is all the serenity you seek, you are all you can ever control, and you are exactly where you need to be. Stand proud in dignity and excel in your vigilant efforts in elevating your soul to new levels of mindfulness. 

Fear not the embracing of your silent truth that pounds from the cages within. Be still, silent and pray. Fight for what you believe in. 

Connect to the Source and enjoy the peace that paints your wild imaginative glory. Surrender wholeheartedly and watch life-changing events unfold all in your favour. 

You’ve earned it.


Have faith that good things are destined for you; that you are indeed limitless. Learn from the significant lessons and from the pain life has intentionally taught you. 

Do not believe in the illusion that peace lies anywhere but within yourself. Master this, and you will excel. 

Reflect. Meditate, and be ready to hear. Your calls are being answered in forms of coded guidance hidden in the mysteries of your daily life. 

Offer gratitude, for you have survived another day in this complex world of temporary, illusionary enjoyments.

You are here to learn, make mistakes and be tested. Struggle is part of everyone’s journey and will definitely be part of yours. Do not wallow in darkness. Sharpen your intuition. 

Rely on no one as we are all flawed; transient vessels of constant works in progress, highly unreliable.


Frequent sources of disappointment and pain, others will be,  if they are the cradle in which you have placed your fragile trust; your tender heart.

Protect, and be kind to your soul. Be firm with your principles; where you stand, and what you believe in. 

Do not attach yourself to false perceptions, fantasies, or people that will one day fade; and they all most 

Celebrate the good, and be patient through the bad, and know that this too shall undoubtedly pass. Understand that all things are temporary; that no trail lasts forever, and that with every difficulty, ease is surly to follow. A good promise from a Good Lord. 

Realize the incredible power of self love, inner-healing and the astounding strength you possess to purify yourself and all energies around you. Be an extraordinary example to all those who follow your Devine call to euphoric ever after. 
What is meant for you will never miss you. Again, what is meant for you will never miss you. 

When you truly start to believe that you are flawlessly whole on your own, needless of others to complete 
Transform your ideologies of pain, negativities and fears into magical realizations of self-awareness and peace. 

Surrender. Surrender and watch as your life begins to serenade you into the bliss you have always longed for and most certainly deserve. 


All that is lost will be replaced in time, by greater gifts than you could have ever anticipated.

No broken wings on this healed survivor, just the abandoning of regrets and poisoned intentions.


The shadows that once haunted me can no longer fight the army that I've built with the strength of these once aching bones. I have not given up on this battle, so don't you dare reach for that crown.


Hands off, and bow down before the glory of justice and the guardians of delivered promises.

I have prevailed.


Do you think you deserve any more than what have miserably earned?

A degrading life and stealing the beauty of a new moon?


Never.  Let the bitter tears of self-deception flow. Go on feeding the corrupt darkness that swims within your hand-built cages of guilt.


Your sorry eyes can no longer charm nor consume the naive victims of hand-crafted love.

Your days of intoxicating words have lost their power to tempt and lure the delicate and hungry.

Have you not learned that I am much stronger than the fragile dust you have written my name in?

I have blown away every letter with the flapping of my wings. I have not surrendered to your twisted perceptions, so watch me soar along the horizon that guides my purpose. Into the heavens where you once claimed I belong.


What's the matter my love, are you now finding it hard to breathe?


The bittersweet feeling of defeat is the realization that I have killed what has once ignited my wildest imaginations, my deepest truth.

The sun is finally setting on the delusions that consumed my once delicate heart.

Untie the knots of misery you've fabricated at me from the depths of darkness where you now lay, shivering still.

Do you not see how your silent daggers of pain have only stabbed your already infected heart?

You never did know how to swim above the surface of masked emotion, as you were destined to sink. Sink low, to the bottom of the seas of betrayal with the lies that once fed your selfish desires.

You have only drowned further into complex self-delusion, where all I wanted was for you to soar.

Distant, but I had taken you with me whenever I had gone. In my heart, you had remained.


Forgetting me, you will never achieve. I am what you have been seeking; all you once asked for and more.

You can never conceal the beating of your heart as it had danced to the rhythm of our once united souls. For a brief moment in time, all stood still but the twinkle in our eyes.

We were one.

You've now lost yourself searching for the person you were never destined to become.

Isn't it hard to escape, my darling, while your own shadow suffocates you in utmost betrayal?

The exposing of truth, and the revival of pure love- what greater reward is there for such patience?

If none now witness my glorious triumph, then my heart alone suffices the unveiling of truth.

A crown to claim my victory is of no use; I do not long for pitiful recognition.

Taste the poison you have prepared for me-- let it attempt to quench your foolish desires.

Never will they satisfy you. What is the recompense of impurity but filth itself?

Under a million stars, tonight I have lost you. In a long exchange, I have now finally found the light that revived my soul. I would have kissed your forehead goodbye but the bitterness it'll leave on my lips are forever greater than my desire to part in ways only you had been promised.


All that was lost has certainly be replaced.


Waves of motion. Long term devotion, and an all-cure potion. What I have been drained of; patience and closure.

Reminders of hope, and everlasting glory.

I sit and pray, at night and in the mornings.


Give me peace, and give me serenity. 

I've been sitting here ever so patiently; 

All I long for is the calm of tranquillity.

'Return me to yourself!' Oh, how euphoric that would be.

Camping with you: sleeping in my tent.

All the things I've planned for and once so innocently dreamt.

Our glorious summer days, for sure, well spent. Summer sun and stains from ice-cream melts.

Does my gift still linger my scent?

We were fated to pretend.

All that you said and what it all meant.

As easy as it came, so quickly it all went.

What I wanted, and what you had once sent.

My heart you stole, with your words it had bent. Will you still deny that my love, for you I was meant?


above the heavens

When you've waited for your justice, and prayed for your heart to light up.

When you call out to the glorious Lord for peace, and when you desperately seek to cleanse your soul of all that weighs your heavy heart down; reflect upon the intensity of your story and question your Devine truth.

With patience and persistence, hopes of answers are finally granted. A new-lit reality that fuels determination within you. 


Do not lose faith, nor hollow your soul with the darkness that envelopes your existence. This world is undoubtedly filled with suffocating darkness, but do not ever let it consume you; you were meant to soar high above the heavens.


The decorated night sky soothes your eyes so you may witness the extraordinary opportunities that reflect within it; pierced stars dancing in wonder.


Do you not question, nor realize how incredible your story is? Give yourself some praise for enduring all you've suffered, for all the injustice you've had no option but to swallow. For being part of an incredible network; a brotherhood of flawed mankind. And here you are still; a survivor. A warrior battling for the survival of a life that you chose not.


Watch the stars shoot just for you, a beautiful reminder; Intense moments of self-realization. You are made for greater days; a higher purpose.

Consciously search for the clues to every lost battle, every unanswered question.


Be aware, listen and be persistent. Embark upon the journey of peace that ends in nothing but the divine bliss you've always been promised.


Give back so you may be humbled. Offer gratitude so you may remain enriched. Sacrifice so you may one day rejoice.


Reassurance is making its way to you. Educate yourself on the importance of timing. If only knew the complexity and beauty of it all.  Cover your eyes not and rest assured: your greatest days are near.


The story you've lived is surely not left without any justified purpose.

You'll soon awaken and realize that we truly are all victimized masterpieces of imperfection.


There are lessons within every encounter, questions behind every dream, and hope after every fall.

Pray so you may hear. Reflect so you may understand. Forgive so you may heal. 

You are the unprepared hero of your very own challenges. Glorify God with the incredible miracles you've been blessed with. The opportunities and countless reasons you were given to believe. Love yourself.


Do not offer what you cannot give. Humble yourself.

Never dismiss what you do not understand, and do not ever wrong others by attempting to protect yourself. You never have the right to hurt anyone.


Do not ever be selfish. Apologize when you are wrong, and believe people when they tell you how they feel. 

Most importantly, believe in your struggles, your story, and the ending you know you deserve.


A moment forever sealed in time.


Distant only in space, but ever-lasting in truth; engraved in the depth of a hungry soul.


We shall be forever so...all you could ask for and more.


Oh, the haunting memories of glory.


The longing for what has long gone.


Tell me now, oh Wisdom, what could poison a heart more so than this?


Risk-filled chances; those I will take.

As new opportunities arise, new experiences both comfort and shake.


My life before me, it all awaits.


They lay before me, wanting to define the very man I have become.

Come with me; fear not this journey... for it has only begun.


My reason, my calling, my ultimate purpose.

Let all things light up, and rise into the surface. 


May truth be revealed and hearts warmed with ease.

Don't give up on me, I beg you, darling, please.


My story I will write- with well-recalled honour.

I will smile and feel brave as I laughed in the face of horror.


My dignity, from the twisted, I will not allow to leave me.

My faith will be there to guide me patiently.

Time will continue to pass into the nothingness that we won't now feel.

This is the ultimate truth, deep, precious; undoubtedly real.


Our youth is a treasured possession we have only been leant.

We must break free, make sure our life is well lived and well spent.


This treasure is not ours to hold on to forever, nor keep.

Let us embrace the truth, before the lines on our faces become pierced deep.


I will fight to become to the future of my past.

This is all I'll ever be-- as my time here won't last.

Forever certain of the light that's sent,

I will tackle the fear that drowns the innocent.


Passionate burning love with no sight of surrender,

Long-lasting summer, deprived of darkness and the long cruel winter.

I will now grow stronger, not weaker nor younger.

Captivated by the words that paint my very own daydreams,

I was the fool who fell in love with more than it seemed.


Learn to decode the messages that your life sends you; for what you seek is seeking you, and in return, you only get in life what you have the courage to ask for.


Peace to all those who seek it, as the truth is out there for men of persistence, and courageous men of wisdom. It's all finally starting to make sense. 


Justice is coming, so fret not my soul, as what you've earned has been patiently waiting for you.


Believe in the holy power of the unseen; you most certainly haven't been forgotten. What you've endured has prepared you for all the glory that is to come.


Your incredible struggles will one day be the bridge to your success.

Surely now, your time is near. Smile, my boy, and mark my words...for your dreams are all about to come true.

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the drug

And what genuine, passionate artist does not suffer from the traumas of his very own love story?


The passionate burning of impeccable love; almost hypnotically obsessive; desired more so than one's own breath.


In his own deprived soul, this desire painfully burns aching his every fibre of being. Almost abandoning this life of his for this fantasy that he searches so desperately for. His thoughts of this immaculate escape; daydreams of an articulate world of wonder and magic; a perfect love story.


A fadeout from the cruel and forbidden reality in which he suffers; he fantasizes. 


He inhales deeply filling his pure lungs with imaginative poison. His vivid dreams are deepened like a magnificent spell; hypnotizing himself still where he begins to lose the sense of all reality.


A lost artist.


A brilliant state of utter bliss and addictive euphoria; a joy in every aspect of his being.

Almost indescribable in its flawless state of nothingness, and everything all at once; beautifully merged.


Every touch, and every scent-- he is wildly alive, his soul vibrating at incredible frequencies. Deepening his cravings and hunger even more than he ever thought imaginable.


Starving, he continues to eat. 


Longing for nothing but this desperate need to be satisfied; he seeks any means to experience it.

He longs deeply for this incredibility, this wonderful euphoric connection. It is desired so immensely; imagined so precisely!


Nothing will stand in his way of getting it regardless of its price. He believes that love is the only cure; if only in his own delusional mind. 

broken brights

Ever searching, ever-questioning, the days all blend into one.

Time passes, the moon rises, and soon after-- out comes the sun.

On my bike, and in my zone, the world has now become my own. 

The memories in my head reveal how much I've grown.


People come, and people go.

Lessons learned, as I continue to grow. 


New faces, and hopeful futures.

Beautiful words exchanged on today's computers.


Falling in, and being locked out,

The words I yearn to shout. Tell me, what's this all about?


Unforgiving words and actions, little hints of different passions. Fearful thoughts... I can do without them.

Your face I question, for your heart, I find rest in.

Who are you, and what are you testing? 


Quiet calls, and sacred hopes.

For you yet again I'll climb these slopes.


Passionate souls connected for a reason,

Whatever the day, whichever the season.

Something special to truly believe in.


A bright future I seek, whether it's here or somewhere much further. 

My destiny I want to fulfill; not shun, escape, nor ever murder.

Unanswered questionings of simple love and undeniable mercy. 

I think of you always. Are you you hear me? 


Your confused young heart, for me it can't be good.

I question your words, your action, and if I have you misunderstood.


In me, you can share and forever you can confide.

Leave your worries elsewhere, leave them behind.

Come and sit with me, right here by my side.


In your eyes, I want to look, and I wonder what I'll find.

The many I've looked in seem to be lost and so blind.


My days here have changed me and strengthened my soul.

The price for it was not cheap, and a lot of emotion I had sold.

"Remain patient." Constantly I have been told.


Wisdom comes from the harshest of experiences.

After your heart has been broken; shattered to pieces. 


I wish to believe in all that is to come.

All the good, and glorious; next to my horse I will run.

Together, let's rise and get lost under the sun.

Independent I have become, as time continues to tick.

Sometimes so lost, and sometimes so very sick.

Believe it or not, of my past I still think;

How little I slept, not even a wink.

It's remarkable how time passes, all in a blink.

The summer that passed had awakened my senses.

Bike rides, lakes-sides, and unexplored fences.


I sit here with my thoughts, writing and thinking.

I call out to the stars; glowing and twinkling.

My past is gone, today is great, and tomorrow is a new chapter.

I seek peace, love, and happiness; it's all I've ever been after.

Sun-kissed skin, sunny days sweat.

These love songs I won't soon forget.

Campfires in nature.

The rush of excitement and danger.

I've come to realize... we're each others' saviour. 

Glistening lights, and broken brights.

I honour our time with all my might.

Your inner beauty has blinded my sight,

It feels not one bit wrong, but incredible: just right.


Hopes and dreams, the kiss of a midnight breeze.

Your beautiful words-- what are they trying to scream?

Please do tell me, what do they mean?


Your intentions I forever wonder.

My broken past has made me stronger.

With you, about life, I sit and wonder. 

My interest in you was growing fonder.

Your loss I cannot bear, for my heart is as tender as they come. 

Won't you reassure me;  tell me you're not gone?

Loyal words of honesty, right to the very core. 

My love will inspire you; soar baby, soar!  

Love me truly, and I will give you much more. 

Tan-lines and water drops,

What if's and what not's.

My beating heart in a million knots.

A notebook filled with all my hopes and jots,

I write about you, yet again, in my new favourite spot.

Treasured gifts like a peace-seeking soldier,

A pure love without limits or forbidden borders.

Embrace me tightly as I kiss your shoulders.

The joy you bring, I will forever cherish,

As well as my thoughts of you, they all fail to perish. 

You're beautiful.

I wish I could tell you with more ease.

Your eyes, your smile, they will never fail to please. 

My hand for support you can always reach for and hold. 

I hope forever we'll stay-- even after we're wiser and old.

Forget the limiting ways of love that you've been told.

I am here to warm you whenever you're cold.

I long for your kindness more than I probably should.

Right here before me is where I wish you stood.

To see you, and protect you, and to hold you in my arms.

You have captured a bit of my soul with your undeniable charm.

The things I would teach you: I have been itching to reveal.

My love for you, I do not ever wish to conceal.

Open up to me, as I know you deeply crave.

Fight for what you believe in; you are more than just brave.

Your honour, I will protect and this fact you can believe.

You, I won't ever lie to, nor hurt, abuse or decisive. 

Exchanged words and peaceful dreams.

Is this all less than it seems? 

I wonder if our time was limited and if all this has come to pass.

I remember when I first saw you; the scent of springs new grass.

Inspiring new words, we'd talk for hours.

I'd share with you the sounds of the April showers.

Let the sun come out and clear the rain.

In each other's hearts, I pray we'll remain.

The future is ours, more so than ever.

In each others lives-- now and forever?

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