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Looking for an illustrator?

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Let me introduce myself... Hello, I'm Abz! 


I'm a children's book illustrator and character designer with over 45 books illustrated to date. 

I've worked with many, worldwide authors and publishing companies to bring their books to life. 


I'd be happy to work with you too, but first, please explore my style below and continue reading to see how we can work together.

The 7 Steps to Creating Your Book

Whether you live in the Middle East, Tokyo, North America, or somewhere on a boat (assuming you have wifi), we can start by having a casual chat about your story and what you have in mind. Your children's book can also be in any language- Arabic, English or even German; it really doesn't matter!


Below are the steps in which we'll discuss together to create your very own kid's book. Get excited--this is fun stuff!


1. Target Audience & Creative Details

Let's dive into creativity together! Are we crafting a colourful, easy read for babies? A book targeted at more serious teen issues-- or perhaps exploring a heartwarming mother-daughter dynamic? The subjects are endless!


Are the main characters animals, humans, or monsters? Real or fantasy?


Does our story unfold underwater, in a classroom, or on a magical island somewhere? We will chat about all these fun details to ensure our visions align perfectly!

2. Pricing

We can discuss your budget and find a price that works for you! I charger per page. Front and covers are half price if we use an existing illustration from the isnide.

3. Our Names & Contact Info

The title of your book, along with both our names, will be on the front cover.


Your name and contact information (and mine) will be on the back cover. This way readers and potential new clients can easily contact you. This will be good for future collaborations, new opportunities, or perhaps some fan mail!


In today's world, exposure is everything-- so this will be great marketing and networking!

4. Optional Pages

There are many ways to personalize and enrich your book and make it even more special to you and your readers. Here are the most common page ideas that can help add that touch-- keeping in mind that these pages are totally optional.

A. Dedication Page

Many writers find inspiration in special people or places close to their hearts—a child, a parent, a mentor, or even a cherished memory. It could also be a cause they care deeply about. Whatever it is that drives you, we can create a custom dedication page for your book, with your personal message, to honor what matters most to you.

B. 'This Book Belongs to' Page

We can also include a "This book belongs to" page where the reader can write their name.  

C. About the Author + Illustrator Page

Another commonly added page in books is an author's bio section—a brief introduction to the writer, shedding light on their motivation for writing the book, the underlying message, or simply sharing some interesting fun facts about themselves. We have the flexibility to enhance this section with photographs or whimsical illustrations of both the author and illustrator, injecting an added touch of playfulness into the book.

5. Agreement & Payment 

Once we've sorted out all the nitty-gritty stuff, I'll just need you to send over your manuscript for me to dive into. And hey, once we're all on the same page, I'll kindly ask for 50% of the total payment upfront, however you prefer—PayPal, bank transfer, or wire transfer works. After that, I'll jump right in and start bringing your book to life!

6. Timeframe

I work fast. We can discuss any deadlines you may have, but usually, the full book can be sent within 4 weeks.

7. Sending Process

I send the illustrations in 2 stages:

A. Sketch

During this stage, we explore characters, layout and composition. The price includes a free edit that can be used during the sketching phase.

B. Final

Once the sketches receive your seal of approval, I'll proceed to finalize the pages, adding vibrant colors and intricate details.


Upon completion, I'll send you all the pages for your final review and approval.


At this stage, the remaining 50% of the payment will be processed. Once the transaction is finalized, I'll promptly deliver the high-quality, print-ready PDF of your book.


And there you have it—your book is now ready for the world to see—you're officially on the road to becoming a published author!

Kids Room Door.png

A. Sketch

B. Final


A. Sketch


B. Final

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

A. Sketch


B. Final

Please note: If you find the price to be above your budget, we can further discuss details and find ways to simplify the illustrations and reduce the price. Everything is customizable and flexible.

What're you waiting for? Let's chat!

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