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Hey, I'm Abz. I'm a children's book illustrator and graphic designer with over 20 books illustrated to date.


I've worked with many worldwide authors and publishing companies to bring their books and visions to life! 


Check out my kid's book illustration style below, and continue reading to see how we can work together.


How It's All Done!

Whether you live in the Middle East, Tokyo, North America, or somewhere on a boat (assuming you have wifi), we can start by having a casual  chat about your story idea and what you have in mind--


Oh, and your children's book can also be in any language! 

Below are the steps which we'll discuss together in order to create your very own kid's book!


1. Illustration Style

Samples of the illustration style are shown above. Each book will have its own unique characters designed specifically for your book and will be unique for your book only. 

2. Target Audience & Creative Details

Is it a hardcover, colourful book for babies? Is it a book targeted at boys, or perhaps a mother-daughter story in specific? Are the main characters animals, humans, or monsters? Underwater, or up in space? All the fun details are discussed to ensure we're both aligned.

3. Pricing

Each full-coloured page is priced separately at $200 Canadian Dollars.

If you're looking to combine 2 pages together (two pages of text with one big visual across two pages), then the price would be $300 instead of $400 as shown here

Front and back covers are priced the same, but if you're looking to cut down on cost, we can reuse any of the illustrations from the inside and tweak each of them for $50, instead of $150.

4. Contact Info + Names

The title of the book and our names will be on the front cover, and on any inside title pages if needed. Both our social media accounts or websites will also be included (usually on the back cover) as contact information.

5. Additional Pages

A) Dedication Page

A lot of authors write their stories with someone in mind, or after being inspired by someone or a subject matter. Sometimes they like to dedicate the book to those people or places. We can include a custom dedication page with a personalized note from you. 

B) 'This Book Belongs to' Page

We can also include a "This book belongs to" page where the child can write their name.


C) Extra Pages

We can also create a fun activity page or two at the end of the book. "Colour me", "Spot the Difference", or "Notes" page etc. This additional page has limitless options and we can get quite creative here! 

D) About the Author + Illustrator Page

Another additional page a lot of authors like to include is a page or two about themselves, sort of like a biography section. We can include photos or characters of the author and illustrator.

6. Agreement & Payment 

Once we've agreed on all the details, you will be kindly asked to send the manuscript for me to read. Once we agree, you'll also be kindly asked to send 50% of the total payment upfront via Paypal, bank, or wire transfer. I will then begin working on your book immediately.

7. Timeframe

I work fast. We can discuss any deadlines you may have, but usually, the full book can be sent within 4 weeks.

8. Sending Process

I send the illustrations in 3 stages.

1. The rough sketch.

(During this stage, you're allowed free edits.)

2. The inked outlines.

If edits are needed here, you can make them for $10 CAD each.

3. The final coloured illustration.

Once the whole book has been approved by you, I will send the final snapshots of the book, and you will kindly send the remainder of the payment. 

Once completed, I will then send you the full-quality, ready-to-print PDF of your story!

Screen Shot 2023-04-29 at 4.19.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 3.24.51 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 3.25.05 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 3.39.49 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 2.55.42 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 2.55.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-24 at 2.56.02 PM.png

Please note: If you find the price to be above your budget, we can further

discuss details and find ways to simplify the illustrations.  


Everything is customizable and flexible. I look forward to hearing from you!

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