Let's create a

timeless classic!

So you're a writer, eh? That's awesome! You write. I draw. 

Check out my kid's book illustration style below, and

continue reading to see how we can work together!

Whether you live in the Middle East, Tokyo, North America or somewhere in an igloo, we can start by having a casual chat about your story idea and what you have in mind!


Your children's book can be in any language, Arabic, English, French of even German! Whatever your idea, I can illustrate it!

How it's done

We discuss. We agree. You send 50% of the payment, I begin sketching. You get one free change per page. We finalize the sketches, colour the book and send for approval.

Once done, I send you the ready to print, full size illustrations and you send me the remainder of the payment. Done!


Pricing, & Style

Samples of the style are shown on this page. Every full coloured page is $150.00 Canadian Dollars.

If you're looking to combine 2 pages together for one full open spread the price would be $250, instead of $300.

If you find the price to be above your budget, we can further discuss details and find ways to simplify the illustrations. Everything is customizable and flexible! 

Wuhoo! All done.

Please contact me here to further discuss details.

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