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timeless classic!

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So you're looking for an artist to illustrate your book but don't know where to begin? You've come to the right place!


I'm a children's book illustrator and graphic designer with 19 books illustrated to date. I work will many authors and publishing companies to bring their vision to life! 


Check out my kid's book illustration style below, and

continue reading to see how we can work together.

Whether you live in the Middle East, Tokyo, North America, or somewhere in an igloo, we can start by having a casual chat about your story idea and what you have in mind.


Your children's book can be in any language, Arabic, English, French or even German!

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How it's done

It's quite an easy process! We can start by having a casual chat about your story and general expectations (time, budget, style). You can then send me your story manuscript (confidential, of course), and we can start talking about the details below.


Illustration Style

Samples of the style are shown on this page, and like every book, the art will also have its own unique twist.


Is it a fun, fluffy, colourful book for babies? Is it targeted towards teens with a slightly more mature tone? Are the main characters animals, humans, or monsters perhaps? Underwater, or up in space? All the fun details are discussed at this stage to ensure alignment with both you and me! 



Every full-coloured page is $150.00 Canadian Dollars.

If you're looking to combine 2 pages together for one full open spread the price would be $250, instead of $300. This means the illustration covers two whole pages for visual appeal or to emphasize an important scene. I can help you decide what makes the most sense for your book.

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Front and back covers are priced the same, but if you're looking to cut down on cost, we can reuse any of the illustrations from the inside and tweak them. The title of the book and our names will be on the covers, and most often than not, the author and illustrator (me) will want to include their site, or social media account as contact information on the back.



Dedication Page

A lot of authors write their stories with someone in mind, or after being inspired by someone or a subject matter. Sometimes they like to dedicate the book to those people or places. We can include a custom dedication page with a personalized note from you. 

'This Book Belongs to' Page

We can also include a "This book belongs to" page, or an activity at the end of the book. "Colour me" or "Notes" page etc. This additional page has limitless options and we can get quite creative here! 

About the Author + Illustrator Page

Another additional page a lot of authors like to include is a page or two about themselves, sort of like a biography section. 

Sending Process

Once we've agreed on a price, you will be kindly asked to send 50% of the total upfront via Paypal, or wire transfer. 

I will then begin working on your book immediately. I will send the sketches for the entire book in black and white. You get 1 free edit per page. 

Additional edits may be made for $10 a change after that. 

Once we agree, I will begin the colouring and details. Any change at this point will be discussed.

Once the whole book has been approved, I will send the final snapshots of the whole book, and you will kindly send the remainder of the payment. 

Lastly, I will send you the full quality, ready-to-print PDF of your story...and that's it! 


Please note: If you find the price to be above your budget, we can further discuss details and find ways to simplify the illustrations. Everything is customizable and flexible!